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A New Chapter

I’d like to say this will be a different kind of blog.  But honestly, I blog the same no matter where I choose to write, or what the design may be.  What I can say, is that my eyes have been opened by recent events.  Opened to the complexity of human nature.  The hidden true colors of people, deceit, and lack of honesty.  I’m not always this negative, but it just seems like every time I am sincere or fully trust someone, I get figuratively slapped in the face.  And so this begins a new chapter for me.  I will no longer give of myself to someone who is not willing to give as well.  I will not open my home, my family, or my heart to those who are undeserving of the good I have to offer.  I will still be kind and polite, but no one will know the real me until they have proven that they are worth including.  I am done being used.  I am done with the negativity and the stress that some people bring with them.  Now is the time for me!

What do you think?

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