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An Occasion To Dread

I have done many things with my hair.  I have grown it long, cut it short.  I have bleached it platinum blond, and dyed it pitch black.  I have had it straight, crimped and permed.  I have shaved parts of it, and even all of it once.  I have dyed it many colors, including red, pink, blue and purple.  I have had it in cornrows.  I have tried different styles for all lengths.

SquareFace_Wallpaper_1024x600And now I am going for dreadlocks!  I have done my research and vanquished my own misconceptions.  I used to believe dreads were unclean, stinky, messy, and possibly full of pests.  But all of that is untrue if it is done right.  The wonderful research I found was at KnottyBoy and DreadHeadHQ.  I found how-to videos and articles, Q&A with people who have had dreads for months to years, photos, and lots of wonderful products for starting and maintaining clean, healthy and sweet-smelling dreadlocks.

Today I ordered my starter kit from DreadHeadHQ and I’ve been conditioning my scalp for the transition for a week already.  Now all I need is a couple of friends to help me get started and the rest will be up to me!  However, finding some people to help has not been easy.  I have asked around at local salons and beauty schools.  I have found only two places that are willing to do it, and they want to charge $40-$50 per hour (and it will take a few hours to do properly).  None of my friends have volunteered their time or assistance so far.  I am hoping by the time I get my kit in the mail, I will have my team assembled and everything ready to get started.

My goal: I will NOT smoke anymore while I am a dread head.  And if I want to smoke, I will have to take them out (which I do not want to do).  Having dreads is a lifestyle, and cannot be reversed or changed easily.  Not to mention a lot of work goes into starting and maintaining them, so I won’t want to throw all that work away.

I’ll post pics before, during and after the process.  And I’ll post pics every month or so as they are settling in.  Subscribe to my blog to make sure you don’t miss any updates! 🙂

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