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1 Week In

Last Tuesday I started my dreadlocks.  It sure has been an interesting week.  First I started by precisely following the instructions on DHHQ.
Then I found a couple of dreadlock sites and groups that recommended something completely different.  I have read so many different methods and procedures, so many different opinions… I have taken in so much information in the last week that for a couple of days I thought my head was going to explode.  But now that I have gotten my head around all that I have learned, and have had time to piece it out and decide what will work for me, I have made some changes.  I have decided to go wax-free for the duration of my dreads.  I washed out all of the wax.  I have a few nice, tight dreads, but for the most-part my hair is half tangled and half a puffy mess.  Many people recommend the neglect method, which simply means no brushing and no touching your hair at all other than to wash it and dry it.  I am going with the neglect method for the most part.  I may use locking accelerator from time to time (which is basically salt water), and I may use other products from time to time.  But I think natural is the way to go for me from here on out, even if it seems to take forever.  I like the way they feel and look much better now.
In case anyone is interested, the other sites I highly recommend are Dreadlock Truth and The Dread Den. 🙂

What do you think?

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