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Something New & Natural

When I started my dreadlock journey, I joined a couple of Facebook groups.  Many of the ladies and gentlemen in those groups are hippie-types: using all-natural products, green, intelligent, and in love with the earth.  I have always associated dreadlocks with those types of people.  And I have always been that person deep inside, but it is hard to be green and natural in such a technology-based, fast-paced, I-want-it-now type of culture.  However immersing myself in such a love-soaked community has really started to bring my inner hippie out!  And in turn, I have started researching alternative ways of running my home.  I am slowly but surely finding my way.  (THANK YOU, all you awesome new friends!)

image_4I am no longer using store-bought shampoo and conditioner; I am using 1 tbsp of baking soda per 8 oz of water mix to wash my hair, and the same dilution of lemon juice to condition – the “no-poo” method.  It works perfectly!  And starting as soon as we run out of our store-bought products, I will be making our own laundry soap, body soap, toothpaste, and dish soap.  I am going to do my best to find other natural homemade products as well.  I will share those recipes here on my blog for my own safe-keeping (with credit, of course).

Oh, and I brushed out those big, wax-soaked “dreadlocks.”  I am using no-poo for a few weeks, and then I will start with smaller, more natural twist-and-rip dreads and let them go from there.  I’ll post pictures and updates again once I get started.

One thought on “Something New & Natural

  1. That's quiet a change… I'm not sure I could do it! I am accustomed to the life of ease which means most of my products are pre-made for me. I hope that it goes well for you :). And I can't wait to see the new dreads.


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