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Not Alone

When I saw this video I was thrilled to see the announcement. This is something I have known for a long time. ETs exist on this planet just the same as we do… of course they do!
For as long as I have been aware of such things, I have believed we were not alone in the universe. I have seen the human species as something that doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere on Earth. From all the information I have gathered in time, understanding the earliest found human remains on the planet and the way we evolved to our climate, I believe we were seeded here or we came here for a reason. If we would have evolved from apes, as many believe, we would be better suited to our environment. As it stands now, we must have clothing or shelter to survive our atmosphere.

Anyway, as I was starting to say… There are billions upon billions of planets, space in distance so vast we cannot comprehend it.  How would it ever be possible that we would be the only intelligent life out there?  It just seems like common sense to me that we are not alone.  There are hundreds of stories and “myths” in every scripture, cave painting, and story book we have about space men, space ships, and aliens.  So why is it so unbelievable that they walk among us?  I know that if they were to make themselves public, most people would get panicky and weapons would be used, so I understand why they must stay incognito.

Personally, I would love to learn about other planets.  I want to know how they found it possible to reach us since we don’t have [public] knowledge of how to reach where they came from.  I would like to visit if human bodies were accepting of the different climate.  I would have a million questions if I was able to ask!

What are your thoughts?

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