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Homemade Shower and Window Cleaner

DIY After Shower Spray and Window Cleaner by Soap Deli News

-Approximately 1 Tablespoon of Original Dawn -Dish Liquid or Organic Liquid Castille Soap
-Distilled white vinegar
-1 mL organic lemon essential oil
-1 mL lime peel essential oil

Using a clean, empty spray bottle – add approximately one tablespoon of Dawn dish liquid to the bottle. If you prefer to opt for an all natural spray, simply substitute a natural liquid Castile soap. Using a funnel fill the bottle just over three fourths of the way full with white vinegar. Add a mL each of lemon and lime essential oils, then screw on the lid and shake well.To use, simply spray on your shower walls and tub after every shower to help keep it clean and mildew free! Or use it on mirrors and windows to clean without streaks.

** Essential oils and extracts, carrier oils and waxes, containers for your DIY products and much more can be found at Mountain Rose Herbs.

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