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Homemade Air, Carpet and Fabric Fresheners

Natural Air Freshener & Carpet Deodorizer by Natures Nurture

An easy, inexpensive, natural alternative to commercial air fresheners, made with just baking soda and essential oils.

-Baking Soda
-Essential Oils
-Glass Jars
-Lids with holes (or some scrap fabric)

-Fill glass jars about 1/3 full with baking soda.
-Add about 5-10 drops of essential oils.
-Cover jars with lids and place around the house in rooms/areas that need freshening and odor control

To use as a carpet freshener just sprinkle evenly on your carpet, wait 5-10 minutes, then vacuum as usual.


Homemade, natural Febreze by Brown Thumb Mama

You’ll need:
-A clean, empty spray bottle
-1 tablespoon baking soda
-2 cups distilled water
-10 drops essential oil (a single scent, or a mixture. Imagine the possibilities!)

-Measure the baking soda into a bowl and add the essential oil on top.
-Using a fork, mix the oil into the baking soda. This will help keep the oil suspended in the water.
-Put the baking soda/oil mixture into the spray bottle (a funnel helps) and top off with the distilled water. Label your bottle, shake before use, and breathe happy.

** Essential oils and extracts, carrier oils and waxes, containers for your DIY products and much more can be found at Mountain Rose Herbs.

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