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Time To Get Started

Now I have gathered a bunch of recipes that I would like to try out.  And I have purchased most of the items I need to start.  I have baking soda, washing soda, borax, citric acid, salt, raw honey, and I have essential oils, vitamin E oil and liquid Castile soap on the way.  I still need Ivory for liquid hand soap.  I will be making my homemade products as I run out of store-bought.  The first thing I will try is laundry soap, since that seems to be the thing that goes the fastest with 5 young boys in the house.

I’ll post about my DIY progress about monthly.  I hope to have a long and happy future in this endeavor.  And at some point in the not-so-distant future, once I find the right combination and decide on my own tweaks, I may even produce and market sale-able versions of my homemade stuffs.  I’d love to be able to spread the eco- and budget-friendly joys of homemade products to those who don’t have the resources to make their own.

Thanks to all the great green, DIY, and homemade websites, blogs and suppliers who have given me a strong foundation and starting point with some great recipes and ideas!  That includes:

Frugally Sustainable
DIY Natural
Brown Thumb Mama
Nature’s Nurture
Rebecca’s Soap Deli News
The Polivka Family
Mountain Rose Herbs
Ebert Honey
Local Harvest

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