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Dreadlocks – A 2nd Try

1A few weeks ago I tried dreads.  I went to Great Clips and had the lady section my hair.  I soaked my hair in salt water to make it knotty.  I had my mom backcomb my sections until her arms wanted to fall off.  I waxed the newly backcombed dreads.  After a couple days I was tired of smelling and feeling wax and my scalp was a mess!  I did my best to wash out the wax and go more natural.  I decided my dreads were too big and tried to separate them.  There was still so much wax and buildup in the middle that I just gave up and brushed them out.

Since then I have have asked a lot of questions of the ladies and gentlemen in my favorite dread group The Dread Den.  I have also done research on dreadlocksite.com, YouTube, and a few other places.  I decided that when the time came, I would use the twist and rip method of dreading my hair, and the dreads would start out a lot smaller and dyed to my natural hair color.  And for crying out loud, NO PRODUCTS!

IMG_0969On Thursday, while I was waiting for my oldest son while he was in an appointment, I had nothing better to do so I made a single dread in my hair.  It was a lot easier than I expected it to be, and I loved the way it looked and felt.  That evening I made a couple more.  Then Friday I really got to work and made several more.  I continued on through Saturday, and all of Sunday finishing up around supper time.  Of course I still had my normal daily obligations of cleaning, cooking, supervising kids chores, etc… but I took that duty a little light and tried to just get the dreads done.  It took 3 days, but I did it all by myself.  No one helped at all.  And now that its finished, I feel very accomplished to have done it that way.

I love the way they look and feel this time.  The only products I have used have been residue-free shampoo (but will be buying another kind soon) and a little bit of Tea Tree essential oil to calm my irritable scalp from all the pulling and change in care.  So they are all natural and so much more comfortable than those wax-soaked messes before.

I have gotten only a little opposition from my friends, but for the most part everyone says this time around it looks much better.  It feels very natural to me.  I am a little concerned about them coming undone, but I’m aware a few might.  But they are easy to tighten back up, and in the longrun it will be worth it.

What do you think?

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