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10 Annoying Kid Habits (and why they aren’t that bad)

1. Nothing is ever where you set it down. Including the children.
Silver Lining: Treasure hunt! You might even find those earrings you lost last year too.

2. Loud, emotional outbursts in public.
Silver Lining: Makes your sniffles in the dressing room look downright reasonable.

3. Constant repetition of their favorite song.
Silver Lining: Better than listening to the Lady Gaga song that every radio station plays every 5 minutes

4. No toilet roll unmolested.
Silver Lining: “Wadding” is more efficient than “folding” anyhow.

5. Who knew dry erase markers are permanent on walls?
Silver Lining: Here’s your chance to repaint without having to admit to your husband that the canary yellow was a mistake after all.

6. Orange Crush and birthday cake vomit.
Silver Lining: Jackson Pollock carpet!

7. Sick days.
Silver Lining: Sometimes taking a day off in the middle of the week to eat popsicles and watch TV is just what you need even if you aren’t sick.

8. Toddler sprints across the store.
Silver Lining: Now you can skip the gym!

9. Heart stopping near misses.
Silver Lining: Renewed faith in guardian angels.

10. Being a human Kleenex and constantly having snot on your knees and shoulder.
Silver Lining: People either get that it’s your kid or think you are an amazing contortionist

**Author unknown – I can’t take credit for this but I had to share!

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