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My Crazy Week

On Monday the cable technician was scheduled to come and hook up the fast-speed coaxial cable that the cable company requested be installed by an electrician.  He was an hour late, and he was clueless.  He had no clue what he was doing and was somewhat unfriendly.  He disconnected the video (cable TV) and did a half-assed job of hooking up the internet.  Then basically told me to deal with it, and left.  Within just a couple hours I was calling the cable company again and scheduling another tech appointment, and signing up for TV services again.  When the kids got home from school they were disappointed about the cable.  And I couldn’t even let them watch a show or 2 on Netflix because our internet was still not working properly (same as the last 7 months).

On Tuesday the power randomly went out right about 6:00 pm, as I was about to make supper.  But it wasn’t just my apartment, it was my whole building and 2 others (out of a 12-building complex).  So rather than mess around with cold water in the kitchen, my mom and I took the kids to Pizza Ranch for the kids night buffet.  When we got back the power was back on and everything was seemingly back to normal.  After the kids were in bed and the house was quiet, I was going to take a long, hot relaxing shower.  But when I turned on the faucet, nothing but cold water came out.  The pilot light went out.  So I had to go to bed all sweaty from the long day.

On Wednesday I showered at my boyfriend’s place and got in touch with maintenance about my water heater.  No one came to look at it until afternoon, at which point it was noticed that the water heater was leaking.  So he re-lit the pilot light and told management to order a new water heater.  He assured me the water heater would work until a new one was installed.  I was satisfied because at least the kids were able to take showers and I was able to get some dishes and laundry done.

On Thursday everything was going fine.  Andy had his first orthodontist appointment and got some temporary spacers put in.  Cory read to me for the first time (finally!) so I had a very proud mommy moment.  And the boys, me and my boyfriend all went to a hot dog festival on the town square.  We had a pretty good day.  The we got home, the kids showered and went to bed, and again I was ready to take a long, hot relaxing shower.  And once again, no hot water!!  The pilot light had gone out again.  So again I had to go to bed sweaty from the hot temps and being outside all day.

On Friday morning I took a shower at my mom’s.  I got some groceries and waited for the cable tech and the plumber.  I was informed by management that because of that lovely roommate that moved out mid-month in August, I have an overdue amount that is beyond my budget, and I was served a notice.  Turns out its a paperwork error, but its still something I have to pay… I won’t go into all those details.  Cable guy came and fixed the internet issue and hooked up our TV again.  Plumber came and installed a new water heater.  My mom and I took my dog to the vet because her skin condition has gotten so bad over the last week or so.  She ended up with antibiotics and special shampoo.  Then Evan’s teacher called and told me how much trouble Evan is having in class when it comes to focusing on work and reading comprehension.

Today, Saturday, has thus far been uneventful, and I am thankful for that.  We have hot water, we have cable TV, we have our internet fixed.  The bills are caught up except the rent error, and that will be fixed within the next week (I hope).  So though the week was crazy and there were lots of little issues, there was not a boring moment and things seem to be looking up.  I’m glad we made it through!

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