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Dready Indecision

photoI have quite the love/hate relationship going on with my dreadlings.  I finished them on August 11th, so they are barely over a month old.  They seem to be knotting up good for the most part, other than a few strands.  I’ve had some loose hairs come out and knot up on their own.  And I’ve had other full strands unknot and just lay there and get messy.  There are zig-zags, loops and bumps, which I actually like!  But this week the roots have been all bushy and puffy.  It makes the dreads stand straight out like I got electrocuted, so I’ve been tying it back a lot.  My scalp has been itching nearly non-stop the entire time my hair has been this way.  The dandruff isn’t quite so severe since I’ve been using Rosemary Tea Tree shampoo, but the itching does not seem to be subsiding whatsoever.  Its nice to not have the need to brush my hair.  I can be lazy and just get out of bed and not worry about it.  But at the same time I really miss brushing my hair and being able to run my fingers through it.  I used to do that to sooth myself in stressful times, and now I find myself twisting the dreads around my fingers.  In fact I cannot seem to keep my hands off my hair anymore.  Also, its nice to not have my hair flying in my face when I’m driving with the windows down.  And I know with winter coming, it will be helpful to have my hair this way to keep the static from making it crazier.  However, having my hair in knots all the time makes me feel very un-sexy, though I’ve been told I pull off this look quite well.

I have been very back and forth and undecided on whether or not this is the style for me.  I know time is of the essence if I choose not to keep them because the longer I let them go, the harder it will be to brush them out.  But I did this to teach myself about patience, and I am very torn on whether or not I’m done.  I know I still have a lot to learn about patience.  But is this really the way I want to do it?  I wish I had a quick, easy answer as to where I want to go from here.  Its not a decision I want to rush.  I just don’t know.

What do you think?

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