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It seems the professional treatment got rid of the bed bugs.  I don’t wanna jinx us and say they are 100% gone, but we haven’t seen any or gotten any bites for over a week now.  However, we do have a flea problem.  The fleas appeared while we were out of our home for 2 weeks, so I don’t know how they got here.  We’ve never had a flea problem before.  I feel sorry for our poor kitty Sunny.  Though I have gotten flea treatment from the veterinarian for her, it really doesn’t seem to be working.  I have been using a salt + borax mixture for the carpets, and that has decreased their numbers but they aren’t gone.  And of course we have the seasonal spider issue as well.  We’ve had quite a few spiders the whole time we’ve lived here, but it seems to be worse now.  I would normally bug bomb to get rid of the fleas, spiders and random other insects, but there are chemicals in common insecticides that make bed bugs explode in population, and if there are any left at all I don’t want to trigger any more problems.  I feel so stuck with all these biters in our home.  I don’t feel like I can relax anymore.  I always feel like there is something crawling on me or biting me.  I know at least half of that is coming from anxiety, but knowing that doesn’t help ease it.  I just want to live in a bug-free home. No bed bugs, no fleas, and fewer spiders, etc.

no-bugsI don’t understand why this has become such a problem for my family all of the sudden.  Seasonally we will see flies, gnats, ants or spiders every year, but we have never had such problems like we have this year.  Though I was keeping my home mostly tidy to begin with, I have increased my cleaning and tidiness standards.  We are now hanging all of our clothes to keep any bugs out of them.  I have been vacuuming a LOT more to keep any bugs off the floor for the most part.  I have been spraying a lot of lavender essential oil mixture on furniture to repel spiders and fleas.  And I think I will look into Diatomaceous Earth from the local farm store to sprinkle all over the floors and furniture.  I really don’t know what else I can do.  I sure hope it does the trick.
Throughout all of this, my anxiety has been through the roof!  Bed bugs were a huge issue for me especially.  I still check a couple of times per day for any signs that they are still here.  Something about being fed off of while I sleep makes me feel very violated… not to mention having it happen to my kiddos. I don’t find comfort in my own home or my own bed anymore.  It is very difficult for me to fall asleep at night, and I usually wake up at least twice through the night, worried about bugs.  I have improved over the last week, knowing that no one has been getting bitten by bed bugs.  And I hope that we continue to see no more… though I know that my town is very infested according to local pest control companies.  So my paranoia has validity.  They can be picked up anywhere we go, from schools to retail stores, doctor’s offices or the library, and especially if we visit someone or someone comes to visit us that has them.  And with the cold season closing in on us, we will be taking even more with us (winter clothing), running a higher chance of bringing them back home again.  I’ve been doing my best to take one day at a time, slow down and just breathe.  I have done everything I can, and I continue to do so.  I’m just trying to keep reminding myself that if they do invade again, I’ll deal with it when the time comes.  But until then, I’m doing my best to try and relax.

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