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No More Dreads

My time with dreadlocks has come to a quicker end than I expected.  While I was evacuated from my home for 2 weeks for pest control, I was unable to take the time to properly maintain them myself.  Plus because of the pest issue, I felt dirty and wanted to wash my hair every day.  So the dreads got so completely messy and out of control that they were literally all sticking up in different directions and they would not be tamed.  They had a mind of their own!  And on top of the crazy mess, I had a handfasting to officiate and I needed to look more formal and professional.  Not to mention I felt unsexy, immature, and I needed to feel more presentable for handling my kids’ school conferences and other meetings.  So I felt it was time to brush out my hair and look “normal” again.  A friend volunteered to help me, and it took the better part of 10 hours with leave-in conditioner, detangler spray, and combs.

4e33eda9-c2fc-4bd8-9931-66393e29b018Though the time with my dreads was a short 3 months, I really did love it!  It was a great learning experience in the areas of patience and not caring what others think.  I was able to let go and relax, and even be lazy when it came to hair care.  I may try again some day, but for now its time to stick to the business that needs to be tended to, and maintain a more neat and clean appearance.  Being poor already gives me a reputation that is hard to deal with when it comes to anything business, not to mention my large number of tattoos, so I need to maintain whatever professionalism I possibly can so that things get accomplished.

I want to give a special shout out to the ladies and gents at the Dread Den (Facebook group) for being so super-supportive, knowledgeable and amazingly awesome during my dread journey!  I made some great friends in there, and found wonderful entertainment.  I highly recommend the group to anyone considering dreadlocks, or who already has them.

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