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My Blog Name

My blog name is Ink & Earth.  Why, you ask?

Well my blog didn’t always have this name.  I have tried out many names, and none of them stuck or resonated with me.  I had Belly Beans and Hopeful Dreams, Stardustt’s Sanctuary, Astraea Sapphire’s Almanac, Musings Of A Magical Mom, and Made Mommy Strong to name a few.  All of them were based around one part of my life or another.  Being a mom or being a Pagan.  I always loved the names when I first started them, but with time it just didn’t feel right, and it certainly didn’t illustrate in words what my blog was all about.

When I finally decided to choose an all-encompassing name, I chose ‘Ink” because I have always enjoyed creating art.  I have used many mediums such as written word, drawing, computers, and tattoo.  Also, I am heavily tattooed, thus having ink throughout my skin.  It is a big part of my appearance.  ‘Ink’ is in my blog name to reflect the many uses ink has had and will continue to have throughout my life.

I chose ‘Earth’ because she sustains me, nourishes me, and provides me with shelter and protection from the great big cosmos.  Even if given the chance to leave, I would stay here because I was born here, grew here, and want to remain in the earthly life cycle.  There are many beauties in the world from water, to animals, to plant life and so much more.  I have a deep appreciate for it all!

So together ‘Ink & Earth’ encompasses my world, my reality, my individuality for the past, present and future.  It is 2 words that represent my life as an individual and as part of the universal collective.  And within the virtual walls of my blog I write about topics within my life that are important to me or that I’d like to remember and/or share with others.  It all fits together quite nicely for me.

Day 1 – My Blog Name
*written for the 30-Day Blogging Challenge.

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