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20 Facts About Me

 Just a few simple facts about the author…

  1. I am a proud mother of 3 active boys.
  2. I am heavily tattooed, and plan on getting more.
  3. I am very happily engaged.
  4. I found my spirituality in 1994 in Paganism.  I’ve had a couple spiritual crisis along the way, but I always find comfort in Mother Earth.
  5. I have lived in Iowa, USA my whole life.  I haven’t traveled too far either.
  6. I have never visited or seen an ocean in person.
  7. I have never traveled by airplane or train, only by car (road trips).
  8. My favorite video game is Sims 3 (+expansions) for my PC.
  9. I use Adobe Photoshop to create my own blog theme and graphics, and will make graphics for friends’ blogs sometimes too.  Self-taught.
  10. When I was in high school, I went through a goth phase.
  11. When I was in that goth phase, I made many amazing friendships at the weekly showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show, a few of which remain to this day.
  12. I believe everything happens for a reason.  Good and bad.
  13. My favorite flowers are daisies.
  14. My favorite colors are green and purple.
  15. I love roller coasters and thrill rides!
  16. I am a movie addict.  My favorite genres are comedy, romance, indie, and thriller.  Intelligent movies are the greatest.
  17. Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be my mom.  It is everything I hoped it would be and so much more!
  18. Growing up, I also wanted to be a veterinarian.
  19. Nowadays, my dream job would be a career in Graphic Design.
  20. I met my biological father and his side of the family for the first time when I was 19.  He and his mom (my grandmother) have since passed away.


Day 2 – 20 Facts About Me
*written for the 30-Day Blogging Challenge.

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