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Inside My Fridge

My fridge, much like my purse, is a mess. In the drawers I have fresh veggies and shredded and sliced cheeses.  I have ground beef, chicken hind quarters, eggs, soda, powerade, milk, lactaid, apple cider, orange juice, and eggnog flavored coffee creamer. In the door, there are lots and lots of condiments including ketchup, mustard, mayo, barbeque sauce, salsa, sriracha, worcestershire, A1 and Heinz 57 steak sauces, jelly and chocolate and caramel syrups.  Though not shown, there is nearly a whole meat bundle from the meat counter in the freezer, frozen veggies, and ice cream.

Day 13 – Inside My Fridge
*written for the 30-Day Blogging Challenge.

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