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3 Healthy Habits

When considering how to write this blog entry, I had to look a little closer to figure out what my healthiest habits are.  The things I do that I take for granted are some of the best things I could do for myself.

1.  I take a daily vitamin.  Now that Sean and I are saving to get my tubal ligation reversed, I’m taking prenatal vitamins to ensure my body is ready to grow another baby.  Since starting the vitamins, I have been feeling more healthy in general, and have had more energy.

2. I don’t use drugs and I don’t drink often.  I very rarely drink, and when I do it isn’t much.  I’ve never done any hard drugs.  The only chemicals I use are caffeine, nicotine, and the occasional over-the-counter pain or cold medication.

3. I always use my seat belt.  And I always make sure my kiddos do the same.  I trust my own driving, but other people aren’t as careful.  So its good to make sure we are as safe as we can be on the road.

I’m sure there are others, and many more to come.  But these are the ones that are the most important right now.

Day 14 –  Healthy Habits
*written for the 30-Day Blogging Challenge.

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