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If I Won The Lottery…

The Iowa Lottery next estimated jackpot is $60,000,000, and the cash option is $33,500,000.  So if I won the lottery, I would take the cash option and get it all at once, and be blessed with $33.5 million!

– The very first thing I would do is pay off my student loans and other debts.  I would repair my credit (and Sean’s credit) 100%.
– I would invest a large portion of it into high-yield savings accounts or programs so that we could live off the interest once we made our bigger purchases, and so that the kids could live comfortable lives as well with college educations.
– I would share the wealth with my mom, making sure she had all her needs met and her life was comfortable.  I feel this is necessary because she has helped me so very much in my adult life (not to mention as I was growing up). 
– We would all get new wardrobes.  Our normal casual attire, just new ones that are NOT from Wal-Mart.
– Sean and I would have a beautiful dream wedding.  Nothing too extravagant, but no cutting corners on what we want, either.
– The one thing Sean and I have discussed because of this blog topic: we would buy a large RV, hire a professional driver, hire a professional tutor for the kids, and travel the country before we decided on a place to live.  Once we decided, we would buy a house.  Nothing too huge (no mansions).  But definitely something we could be comfortable in with a family as big as we have.  And add new furnishings to the house.
– We would buy a couple of reliable vehicles so we know we can get around without worry.
– Donate to a couple of charities, “adopt” families over the holidays, and other good causes throughout the years.

Besides that, it would just be used on an as-needed basis.  Those are the dreams I have for any large sum of money we would ever win or inherit.  I wouldn’t want a life of the rich and famous.  I’d just want a good, comfortable life for me and my family.  If I decided not to pursue a career, I would at least keep myself busy with charity work or other volunteer opportunities.  I would love to be able to make a positive difference in the lives of the less-fortunate.  That would truly be a dream come true.
Day 23 – If I Won The Lottery…
*written for the 30-Day Blogging Challenge.

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