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For a long time I was attracted to whichever guy would give me attention.  It was not always good attention I was seeking, and I drew a lot of losers.  However, as I got older, more experienced, and grew my self-esteem, I realized I deserved much better.  I started making a list of qualities I cared about, and that would be good for my kids as well.  But I also knew I needed to have some qualities on there I could be flexible with, as no one is perfect.

First picture I saw of Sean.

Then one day I came across this good-looking guy Sean, on Facebook.  Not only was he good-looking, but he was Pagan, just like me.  Through chatting with him a bit I found out he was also intelligent (not overly common in my area), and his sense of humor matched mine pretty well.  So far, the qualities were matching my standards.

After a few months we met in person.  I invited my mom over at the time he was expected to arrive, and made sure my kiddos were all amped up, playing outside.  I wanted to put Sean through the chaos test!  When he arrived he was a bit shy, but he met everyone and even joined in when I started playing with the kids out in the rain.  Once we left for our date, I asked what he thought of the family.  He was not afraid.  So he passed the test!

We had an awkward date but it was informative.  We did a lot of talking about ourselves and our lives.  And we definitely wanted to see each other again.  

So the qualities there were family-friendly/oriented, sense of humor, intelligence, very sweet to me, similar spirituality, honesty, and the obvious attraction to his looks.  Over time I discovered many more, but that’s where it all started.

And I must say, I am satisfied.  I found everything I wanted in Sean, and that is why I have committed to being his wife.  ❤

Day 24 – What Attracts Me (In Love)
*written for the 30-Day Blogging Challenge.

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