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Wrapping Up NaBloPoMo

Day 16 – My thoughts on education are short, so I didn’t think it was worth making a whole entry over.  American education is severely lacking.  They are taking important things out of curriculum like script handwriting, and focusing way too much on technology.  Yes, technology is important, but survival without it is just as important.  Kids should be able to write and spell without a computer’s help.  Not only that, but the future generations of Americans are not learning math and science at a level that will get them by in the competitive world we live in. The other leading countries such as India and China have much better education systems, and will be passing us up far more than they have, in no time.

Day 26 – I really have no hidden talents.  My fiance disagrees, but I can’t publicly publish the things he says half the time.  Hehehe.  But in all honesty, I don’t feel I have any hidden talents.  I’m artistic and like to write, but those aren’t hidden.  I believe I’m a good mom, but that is also not hidden.  I can be a really good mediator, and see things on a very balanced and even level, seeing many sides to each story.  But I don’t see that as a talent.  So nothing in particular to write about there.

Day 27 – My closet is full of boxes of stored items and books, extra blankets and pillows, seasonal clothing and hanging clothes, a filing cabinet and snacks so the kids don’t eat them all at once.

Day 28 – My most embarrassing moment is not getting shared on my blog.  Its embarrassing, so why would I want to put it out there?

Day 29 – Confessions are tricky.  I’m pretty open with my life and my actions, so not much is kept from people for me to confess.  How about a simple and common mommy confession: I keep a stash of snacks not only so the kids don’t eat them all at once, but there are a few things I’ll get that I won’t share with them at all.  And they never know about them, so no arguments occur.

Day 30 – My hopes for my blog are just that I have a place to write about my life and to keep my memories, and others read and enjoy my life story.  If I can help even one mom with their troubles, even if its just to know they aren’t the only one with a certain problem or issue, then my goal has been met.  I don’t strive for fame or fortune through blogging.  Its just an outlet for me.

Missed days and wrapping up
*written for the 30-Day Blogging Challenge.

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