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Introducing Penny!

As a part of my anxiety issues, I have had a prescription/doctor’s note for an emotional support dog for a long time.  And for one serious reason or another, nothing has worked out.  For the last few weeks I have been looking for a dog or cat to fill that role for me. Sunny, our cat is a wonderful companion.  But I don’t quite get the anxiety relief from a cat because in the event of an emergency such as an intruder, she would be little to no help.  And I wanted a larger breed of dog and not an ankle biter.  A couple days ago I was browsing and found a dog that caught my eye both by appearance and by breed.  She was very reasonably priced, and already had her first set of puppy shots and first de-worming.  She was a blue heeler / mastiff mix.  By the look of her mom, she will probly be 70-80 pounds when she’s full grown.  I thought it over, figured out a budget with her care included, and decided I would make it work.

Sean and I went and picked her up today.  She was a part of a litter of 11 puppies, 6 weeks old!  All of them were so different from one another, with a wide variety of colors and markings.  The puppy I chose, who we’ve named Penny, has been a big hit so far today!  She was mellow on the way home.  She pottied outside twice, as if she knew that’s where she was supposed to potty (though I know I have a lot of potty training to go), and she and Sunny get along quite well, surprisingly.  The kids have been good with her so far, and she seems to really like being held and cuddled.  When I talk to her she looks at my face and even tips her head a little, like she really wants to understand.  She’s not afraid of all the noises around here.  Just as a first impression, it seems she will fit in quite well.

I know I have months of training for both housebreaking and obedience.  I know she will get quite large.  I know her mix of breeds require a lot of exercise and mental stimulation.  Ideally, I’d like to take her with me fairly often once her immunities are stronger, and make sure she is well socialized and well-mannered.  I am making a vow to give her a forever home, no matter what frustrations, complications or troubles may come our way.  Whatever it takes, I will find a way.  And I’m looking forward to many years of her companionship.

Welcome to our family, PENNY!!!

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