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A Cold December

December in Iowa has been colder than usual.  For the last few years, the mild temps have been hanging around longer than they should, and it has spoiled me.  This year, its colder than it should be, and the warmth from the recent years has made the cold that much harder to take.  I have wanted to hibernate, but with a new puppy in the house, its especially hard to stay in all the time. So far I have been potty training her to a puppy pad that sits right inside the front door.  However, she is already starting to outgrow the puppy pads I have been using.  It’s crazy how much she has grown and changed just in the last 2 weeks since I brought her home!  It won’t be long at all until she is going to need to go outside to potty.  And then she and I will both have to face the cold several times every day.

The boys are currently on winter break from school.  They will be home every day until January 2nd.  Last night we celebrated Yule with tacos, sugar cookies, egg nog and presents!  The day wasn’t the best, with quite a few unexpected hiccups along the way, but in the end it all turned out okay.  The boys are pleased with their gifts.  In fact they have kept themselves busy all day today with their new toys and games.  It’s been fairly peaceful, which is quite welcome after the chaos we endured yesterday.  This coming week we plan to celebrate Christmas with my mom, sister and cousin Chris and Sean’s parents.  We have decided to have Chinese food for our Christmas celebration this year.  It should be fun!

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