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My Goals and Hopes for 2014

2013 was filled with really bad, really good, and everything in between.  It was a true roller coaster ride, and I didn’t get much done in the way of goals besides moving and drastically reducing my fast food intake.  I have a few realistic goals and a few hopes that may or may not come into fruitation in 2014.  And here they are:


  • Work my therapy for anxiety and find a job.  Even if its a part time job doing a little bit of nothing.  By summer I want something to do to fill my time, make me feel needed, and get me out of the house regularly.  I’d really like to work with children, so a day care center or a school will be my goal.
  • Once income increases, I want to create a better budget and learn how to balance the finances more efficiently.  I’m sure this won’t be a problem with my current obligations.  But I need to keep in mind not to sign up for or add expenses on top of what we already have to keep the budget balanced.
  • Get my divorce finalized that I’ve been wanting for 10 years so that I can move on with my plans to marry Sean.
  • Find a rental house with a yard by the end of the year that we can all share as a family.  This will only be possible once I start work.
  • Make better eating choices at home, such as more vegetables and less convenience foods.  Possibly making and canning my own jams, salsas and other food stuff once we can start a garden… finding ways to save money and make our meals healthier at the same time.
    Needs for this: blender, canning kit, jars and lids.

Some of my hopes for 2014 are just that of health and happiness for my family.  I hope that Sean and I are able to follow our dreams together by finding a house to make our family home, and saving to expand our family.  I want this to be a productive year for us, accomplishing everything we set our minds and hearts to do.  I also hope that in everything that I have planned for myself, that I can also guide my boys to find the proper balance in school and home, in social events as well as personal.  I hope that I am able to fix myself to provide a good example for them to follow as they grow up.

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