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Technology Challenge

Every so often I’ll forget my phone at home when I go to an appointment or just out running errands.  This short video is what I have been observing lately when I don’t have a phone in hand.

I find myself a lot more attentive without my phone, much more aware of my surroundings and happenings around me.  I feel slightly more at ease, because I know I won’t miss important details that I would normally miss due to looking at my phone.

I hope that my share of this video will be a wake up call to even just a couple of people out there, but hopefully more.  Our society is so polluted with technology that we don’t often take the time to connect one-on-one anymore.  People don’t smile and chat in waiting rooms.  People don’t say excuse me or even make eye contact much anymore.  Its all about the distraction of whatever is on that handheld screen.

I challenge anyone who reads this to take ONE DAY to refrain from using their cell phone in public.  Either leave it at home or in your pocket all day long.  Take notice of your surroundings, see faces you would normally not look upon.  Chat with people, smile, interact, notice the sunrise or the sunset live and not in your newsfeed photos.  Take a moment to smell flowers, or feel the grass on your feet, or the rain in your hair.  LIVE!

What do you think?

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