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The tales of Airmid through Celtic mythology are few and far between.  She was an herbal healer, and part of the Tuatha Dé Danann (the Irish race of gods founded by the goddess Danu, who had perfected the use of magic).   Airmid, her father Dian Cecht, and her brother Micah, worked together to heal those who were injured in battle.  There were even legends of them being able to replace severed limbs.  Airmid herself was the keeper of a spring that could restore life from death.

During a battle, King Nuada lost his arm.  Dian Cecht fashioned a silver arm for the king, but Micah and Airmid were able to regenerate the king’s actual arm.  So the father killed Micah out of jealousy.  Airmid was full of sorrow and visited Micah’s grave every day for a year.  After the year, watered by her tears, Airmid found 365 herbs growing on the grave.  She harvested them and layed the out on her cloak, sorted according to which part of the body they cured.  But their father, being a jealous man, found out what had happened and lashed out once again, scattering the herbs all over the world.  That is why humans don’t know the uses of the herbs or how to heal with them.  Only Airmid can know all, to this day.

When herbal healing remedies are needed, praying or performing a ritual in honor of Airmid is always a good thing to keep in mind.  Here‘s an idea for a ritual.

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