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Beautify Project

On Facebook I started an event to beautify your neighborhood.  Here’s the details:

Let’s make our world a little more beautiful this April!

1. Go to your local dollar or retail store.
2. Purchase one or few packets of wildflower seeds.
3. Find places that seem ugly – either no grass, overly industrial, or just too plain.
4. Sprinkle the seeds by hand…. or even toss out your car window into a place they will take root (on a day with gentle rain is best).
5. For the hard-to-reach areas: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-a-Seed-Bomb/
6. Watch your surroundings become a little more beautiful in the coming weeks!

Other ideas to help beautify your area: refrain from littering, pick up and dispose of trash when you see it, and volunteer to help neighbors plant their flowers or tend to their gardens or yards. SHARE THIS EVENT WITH EVERYONE YOU KNOW! If everyone pitches in, our world will be a much cleaner, safer, more attractive place to live!

You can find it and join HERE.

I’d love to see this get at least 100 real participants.  With the world seeing a shortage of bees, and neighborhoods becoming more and more industrialized, its time to take steps and make a stand for nature!  And for more info on things you can plant around your neighborhood and in your own yard specifically for the purpose of helping the bees, I’ve shared the following infographic.  Spread the word, reblog, tell your friends, and lets get this movement going!!


What do you think?

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