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Busy, Busy Spring

Even though the weather isn’t quit sure what season it is, this has been a very busy spring for me.  I have been looking for hours each day for a place for my family to move.  We are in an apartment right now, but ideally we will be in a rental house that fits the five of us by May 1st, but we are willing to accept anything that isn’t pest-infested at this point.  However, May isn’t too far away, and so far I still haven’t found anything within our price range.  And I mean NOTHING.  I have e-mailed and called probly a total of 50 landlords/property managers within the last 2 weeks, and absolutely nothing has come of it.  We have had a couple of offers from friends or family members to rent their houses, but then they backed out or weren’t able to help afterall.  I have become very frustrated and discouraged, but I cannot give up because we can’t stay where we are.  There have been a few other big obstacles lately too, but I refuse to discuss those with the public.

Besides the home search though, the kids have been doing awesome in their last couple of months of school.  Now that they have seen specialists and had accommodations made for them in their classrooms, their grades have improved.  I am very proud, and so glad we found the proper balance for them all.

Sean and I have come to the conclusion that we are NOT dog people.  We both love Penny, but we feel she is more stress than she is worth.  She is always into things, she knows how to open the lid on the trash can and she does it often.  She is energetic, and the kids don’t take no for an answer when it comes to getting rough with her in the house.  And she refuses to potty outside at times.  She will get sneaky and pee on a rug around the corner or something.  She is a big girl, and doing this not only causes bad smells in our home, but will ruin the carpet and rugs if she continues.  She has way too much energy to contain in an apartment, and we are both very frustrated with her barking at people through the windows and when she is outside to potty.  Its all normal dog stuff, but neither of the 2 of us have the patience for it.  She is so needy, and we are so busy.  We don’t want to get rid of her or give up on her, but we know she will be a barrier in finding a new place too.  We have been hoping to find a home where she can have a yard to run out her energy, but that is seemingly impossible at this point.

So yes, busy busy.  But also frustrating.  Just keep us in your thoughts and prayers that we can figure this stuff out and just find a home.  I don’t think a home is too much to ask for.

What do you think?

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