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I know I’ve mentioned this in a recent post, but Sean and I have been looking for a home for some time now, and we need to move ASAP.  We have been looking very, very intensively over the last 2-3 weeks.  In our immediate area, where we’d like to stay at least until the kids have graduated high school, there is very little available.  I have expanded my search to a couple of larger cities and their surrounding areas, and still nothing much within our price range.  If we have to relocate to another town, we will have the added worries of new jobs, new schools, and new doctors and therapists for the kiddos.  And of course, the kids will have to start fresh, knowing no one.  I don’t want to relocate; we have a great balance here where we are!  I don’t want to disturb the wonderful the progress the kids have made.

We want a house with a yard for gardening and play.  The goal was May 1st, but that is just over a week away and there is still nowhere to go.  A couple of days ago we looked at this amazing house well within our price range.  Talking to the house owner it seemed like we really had a good chance of getting the house.  We were so excited about it!  And then this morning the owner e-mailed me and told me she went with a different family.  I was so disappointed, and it makes me feel hopeless.  Usually this time of year there are rentals available all over the place, but this year there is just nothing.  I wish this was just a little bit easier.  I have become so discouraged.

Please send good vibes our way so we can find the place we plan to call home for the next decade or so.  I know there is something out there just for us, I just can’t seem to find it just yet.  At this point I’d be willing to go just about anywhere (within reason) to have the stability and safety my family deserves.

What do you think?

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