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Sex Offenders

This is a topic near and dear to me, and I just want to put my opinion out there.  I know this isn’t the popular opinion, but perhaps it should be.  People need to open their eyes, and see how this hot button topic, and the ignorance that seems to go hand-in-hand with it, is tearing apart communities and even society.

“If we think about registered sex offenders at all, most of us fear them as monsters who have committed terrible sexual crimes against innocent children and are people who need to be carefully watched when released to make sure our children aren’t hurt again”

“Nobody wants to protect children more than the members of Women Against Registry. Women Against Registry, or WAR, is the voice of millions of innocent women and children who are wrongly and unfairly punished because we have a family member who has completed their debt to society but now must face a life of unemployment, homelessness, and despair. As registered sex offenders they are targeted for harassment and abuse, can’t get a job, and many cases, can’t even rejoin their own homes. Too many of our husbands, fathers and sons are getting caught up in this registration hysteria even if the offense they committed was minor and years ago.”

As the president of WAR, Vicki Henry, says, “In the vast majority of registration cases we’re talking about dumb childish mistakes-offenses like public urination, teen age consensual sex, sexting, lewd behavior, taking pictures of your own children in the bath tub, and clicking on the wrong link on a website.  Less than two percent of violent sexual offenses are committed by perfect strangers. It is time to stop acting hysterically in the name of protecting children; it’s time stop public registration of sex offenders and to start treating this serious problem rationally.”

Copyright 2014 WFIE. All rights reserved.  —  Full Story: http://www.14news.com/story/24789519/taking-a-stand-women-against-registry-respond-to-our-14-news-investigation

THANK YOU to this network and to WAR for showing the behind-the-scenes reality of what the Sex Offender Registry is doing to families, and society as a whole.  People need to realize how detrimental it is to the families of the offended, and even those who committed the crime.  As Vicki Henry says, most sex offenses are by people who have committed some foolish crime when they were younger, and often times never re-offend.  This registry makes it impossible for families to have homes together, and causes public disgrace, ridicule, exclusion from family activities and employment, and ultimately homelessness.


Disclaimer:  My opinions about the unfairness of Sex Offender laws DO NOT APPLY those who forcefully molest babies or little children, commit violent sex acts, and re-offend or have a serious illness that compels such behavior.  People like that should not be trusted back in society.

What do you think?

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