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What I See Every Day

“This ordinary thing was happening and what happened next will amaze you!!!”

“Come to my [sales pitch] online party!”

“You’re doing it wrong, here’s the right way.”

Debates or hot-button issues on politics, religion, parenting, medicine, science, chemicals, fair pay, sex, body image, health and illnesses.

Random junk ads for stuff I’d never be interested in.  Example: “How to enlarge your penis and/or breasts the natural way!”

False “facts” supported by bogus scientific studies or evidence, or just plain old-fashioned assumption.

First of all, I’m not easily amazed by anything humanity can do anymore – positive or negative.  That’s one of the many problems with mass media, is that everyone has seen just about everything.  Next, I’m not interested in your random pyramid-schemed products.  I don’t need wax “sprinkles,” I don’t need ridiculously overpriced kitchenware, I definitely don’t need your 1/2-serving sized $30 weight-loss meals when I have an entire family to feed.  I don’t need to be told how to do things “the right way” because quite frankly there is no one right way to do anything.  I am comfortable and happy doing things the way I do them.  My kids have grown thus far with no major injuries or illnesses.  They have a reasonable level of education for their ages.  My way is not perfect because there is no such thing, but it works.  I am happy with my spirituality, medical decisions, body image, health, and I’m getting sufficient help for the things I am not satisfied with.  I don’t have a penis, so it doesn’t need enlarging.  And I certainly don’t need larger breasts for crying out loud.  Anything I want to research I would go to the closest source from origin as possible.  Everything that doesn’t have an origin (such as the known universe) is up for theory and speculation and is just fascinating and fun to think about.

facebook-times-squareI have so had it with all this needless propaganda.  And it seems anymore, that is all the internet is.  Social media, news sites, educational sites, even just games are just filled with advertisements and someone else’s agenda.  Why is it necessary for someone else’s ideas to be shoved down my throat all day every day?  I can barely remember a time during my early childhood that I wasn’t hooked on a digital screen of some sort.  I just want to be able to develop and live by my own ideas and principles.  Would I even know how to do that anymore?  Would anyone, truly?

What do you think?

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