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The Best For My Family

I need to do what’s best for my family… but what is what’s best?

Option 1: Continue to work doing something that makes me happy.  I love my job!  And I know, given time, I will get more responsibility, more hours, and it will eventually help me support my family a bit more comfortably.  Additionally, for many years I have had social anxiety that has kept me from being able to work for any period of time whatsoever.  My current job is the first one since 2001 that I have kept.  I have been there since June and I am comfortable and happy with it.  The atmosphere is relaxed, and my co-workers are great!  By keeping this job, my children will be able to see me be passionate about my work, and in turn will be more likely to follow their own passions to do what they want to do in life, later on.  The downside to this option is that I’m not quite making enough money to support us at this time.  Within this option there is the option to find a 2nd part-time job to fill the time and money requirement while I wait for more at my main job.

Option 2: Take the 2nd job that has been offered to me.  I’m not passionate about it, but it offers close to full-time hours and a much higher pay rate.  It would cover our necessities and then some.  It would be require me to be a lot more physically active, therefore having a potentially positive impact on my health. The downside is that it would be a lot more demanding of my time, and I would not get to spend near as much time focusing on my kids’ homework needs or after-school activities.  There will be a lot less opportunity to get comfortable with my co-workers because it is a larger group of people to work with.  Also, I’m finding it VERY difficult to find child care for the after-school hours and weekends I would be required to work.

I cannot do both jobs at the same time because hours overlap a little, and even if they didn’t, it would leave me with no days off, ever.  So at this point it absolutely has to be one or the other.  Do I follow my heart and life-long dream?  Or do I follow what will support my family right now?  Why does this decision have to be so difficult?

One thought on “The Best For My Family

  1. You need to do what feels right to you. Remember Sean had that offer with a “chain” restaurant, offering possibly better hours and pay. But he stayed where was. He has been given more hours and more responsibility. You got to look at “will you succeed”? I am sure you can, and will if you take it. But if you any doubt, pray on it, and hopefully your answer will come. It might take a time of trial. I'd hate to see you quit the first job, since you are so very happy there. Maybe explain to them the situation, maybe they can work out a few more hours and pay for you. I hate for you to lose your current job, and not have it to fall back on if the new one does not work out. (forgive me if I gave too much of my thoughts)


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