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Plans Changed, and Back To Following My Dream

I went through all that orientation and training to find out I was not a fit for the letter-carrier job after all.  I went in for my first day of on-the-job training, and within the first couple hours my right hip was in so much pain I couldn’t continue.  I have had chronic hip pain for about 5 years now, but it had been improving lately with daily medication and a little bit of weight loss.  However, walking up and down peoples front steps proved to be too much.  It was a very rough day for me.  I was very upset with myself and quite disappointed.  I had finally accepted that this was the job I needed to do, and I was starting to look at it as a new adventure.  So I had myself all psyched up to get started, and then my body betrayed me.  By the time I had confessed my issue to my trainer, and then explained the issue to my boss, I was in full-on panic mode.  But then I came home to the irreplaceable comfort of Sean, and I was able to relax and let the anxiety fade away. Though it has cost me that job, I refuse to let it get in the way of anything else.  I will be pursuing physical therapy and some means of solving this physical limitation as soon as I possibly can.  Though the postal job was a huge disappointment in terms of my physical capabilities, it was a lesson learned.  I learned my limits, and that I need to get into better shape.

il_340x270.524173842_p777On the plus side, I can keep my job at the vet clinic!  My co-workers all seem to be quite pleased with that, and it feels wonderful to be appreciated at a job that I love so much.  I may need to get a second part-time job for a while, but that is quite alright with me.  So I’m choosing to focus on the good in this situation.

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