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Without Faith

I am having a problem with my spirituality.  I feel like I’ve lost it entirely.  My faith and well-being has been replaced with skepticism and doubt.  I always want to know how everything works, and over time I have become so jaded that I don’t even truly know if a creator or spiritual realm exists at all anymore.  It seems like with knowledge, all of the spirituality I have ever felt has been reasoned away.  Ghosts can be explained by existence through multiple dimensions or a multi-verse.  Near-death and out of body experiences can be explained by the way the brain reacts during trauma and electrical impulses.  Miracles and mysteries all have an explanation if you turn to science.  This place between abstract thinking, knowledge, wisdom, and the basic human need of feeling like I belong is a very lonely and sad place to be.  It makes me feel like I am without purpose or reason.

mg21028061.400-1_300I want so desperately to be able to believe again.  I want to know that God(s) is [up in Heaven] or all around me, looking over me, and only giving me what I can handle.  I want to believe that this is a life I chose for myself for the lessons it is teaching me, and that every day is a blessing.  I want to find that positivity again.  And I want the community that comes with it.

Birth, life and death is all a cycle that happens to everything in existence.  I wish to be able to just shut off the skepticism and the need to know everything and just have blind faith in love and the spiritual realm.  Its such a happier and more fulfilled place to be.  I hate over analyzing everything.

7 thoughts on “Without Faith

  1. These transitions can be deeply troubling. I feel for your struggle. These two quotes from one of my favorite “spiritual teachers,” John Muir, may give a little refreshment. I wish you well.

    “The natural and common is more truly marvelous and mysterious than the so-called supernatural. Indeed most of the miracles we hear of are infinitely less wonderful than the commonest of natural phenomena, when fairly seen.”

    ~John Muir, My First Summer in the Sierra (1911)


    “But divinity abounded; the day was divine and there was plenty of natural religion in the newborn landscapes that were being baptized in sunshine, and sermons in the glacial boulders on the beach where we landed.”

    ~John Muir, Travels in Alaska (1914)


  2. Of course, your skepticism is born of other people's opinions. The kingdom of God is within but other people want you to look out of yourself (and to them) for your happiness. It's not necessary, or even desirable. Reason can determine nothing with respect to the realm of spirituality, which lies beyond space and time. Life is a journey, constantly unfolding. You weren't meant to know, simply to experience. Embrace your experiences regardless of what you think or feel about them. Experiences happen for a reason. As it is said, “When the student is ready the master will appear.” Good luck with your journey down the path less traveled.


  3. No one can understand the true test of faith until you doubt it. No one can experience complete trust until it becomes hard. God doesn't promise that this life will be easy–we live a world that demeans the idea of believing in an all-powerful entity that has a plan for our lives and the life of this existence. You bring up a lot of rebuttals and explanations to the “unexplainable”. Can you proof love? Hate? What comforts you in time of grief? A science book or God's Word? Did you know scientists still can't explain the complexities of the human eye? Science only goes so far then comes God. You should try praying, join a small group at a church you like. Everyone goes through a funk, don't lose faith.


  4. I don't find comfort in science or any concept of God. I only find comfort in my family and in nature. I have not ever been a Christian by choice. I was raised Christian until I was old enough to decide for myself, and then I chose spirituality based in nature, or Paganism. But yes I agree, I do need to join a group perhaps at the UU chuch. I definitely need community.


  5. I understand exactly where you are coming from- I one day realised that I was an atheist and became a very stroppy vocal one. And then the 'still small voice' worked within me and now I consider myself to be very spiritual, although always questioning and analysing. You'll be OK, just don't try to force things right now (and some of the posts on my blog may be helpful to you 🙂 )


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