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It Will Work This Time

From March to June, Sean and I looked for a rental house.  And I feel like a broken record when I say we are looking again.  We got rejection after rejection last time.  The market in this town is ridiculously competitive, and obviously there are people looking who have higher qualifications than we do.  Not to mention we have an extra obstacle to leap over (which I won’t go into here).  We have already started getting rejections, but we are continuing to try.  This time I have a job too, therefore more income and proof that we take our rent and bills seriously as a couple.  I have always, and will always put rent first – because if you don’t have a home, there’s nowhere to keep everything else you want to buy/pay for.  I have 4 continuous years of excellent rental history to speak for that fact.  We keep a clean home, we keep to ourselves so we aren’t a problem for neighbors, and we are looking for a long-term residence since we want stability while the kids go through school.  I’m talking a desired 10+ years in the same home.  We don’t want to move again until the kids are all graduated and we start travelling.  I’m pretty handy, so if there are small things that need repaired, I will most likely do it myself if I can do it right.  I want to keep the outside looking nice too, with gardening and flowers.

Surely there must be something out there.  Surely there must be a landlord or home owner that would want a responsible family in their house, long-term.  I just don’t understand why its taking so long to find them.

What do you think?

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