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Random Thoughts About The World


The internet contains vast amounts of information.  But no real person-to-person bonds are made.  Sure you can sit and chat with people, you can get to know who they say they are.  You can even video chat, text, talk on the phone.  But overall, anyone can act like anyone or anything they want online.  For the most part, meeting online is just words on a screen, like you’re reading now.  You don’t know who anyone really is.  And if someone disagrees with any opinion, they can be as cold-hearted as they want in their disagreement without feeling any consequence.

We see pictures of people dying, of births, of parties and celebrations, of vacations, families, beautiful destinations, tragedy… anything you want to see and a whole lot you don’t want to see.  Its all there.

We see news stories of local people living their individual lives, of war, of famine, of disease ridden countries, of accidents, triumphs, murders, miracles.

just_say_no_to_gmo_s_by_poasterchild-d6hghziWe hear talk of the poisons we eat in our foods, how the life we live is wrong, and what we are doing will kill us.  And if we don’t kill ourselves or each other, the world will end and we will all die anyway.

People preach “the one and only truth” and try to convince everyone including themselves that their pain and suffering will end if they only believe hard enough. Pray often enough.  Cry desperately enough.

bullshit1-300x300Politicians saying whatever they think people want to hear to put them in power.. or to be the star puppet for the puppet show we call government.

We read inspiration: Never give up.  Keep calm and carry on.  Count your blessings.  Life is beautiful.

We see disasters coming – weather, viral, bacterial, global changes – and we panic with nothing to do to change the course of things.

But how does this create any connection?  How is this helpful?

It seems anymore everyone is just so lonely and angry.  There’s not enough time to meet new people.  Work, sleep, repeat.  Kids are growing up without any guidance, feeling entitled and perpetuating the rudeness and anger of the frustration of their parents and caregivers.  Basing their attitudes and lives around the images they see in media – games, TV, movies.

natural-medicineIt may seem like a catastrophic idea, but I’d love to see computers quit working.  Shut down the whole power grid!  Let life reset and lets get back in touch with our Earth, our human nature, and human kind.  The answer to all our problems lies within our natural world.  The ease of depression, anxiety, other illnesses… it could all be eased or cured with the materials Mother Nature has put right in front of us.  Sunshine.  Natural foods and herbs.  Walking and natural exercise.  Laughter.  Hugs.  Fresh air.

But we are beyond repair.  As a society, we are doomed.  Far too electronic-dependent.  Way too far out of touch with the natural patterns of life.  Caught up in our own routines to notice anyone or anything else.  And still crying that we want to feel better without doing anything to make it better.

What do you think?

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