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Everything To Be Thankful For

Its been well over a month since I updated, and boy do I have some news to share!  Everything I had been wanting happened all at once, and it was one hell of a ride.

In October, Sean and I looked at a few houses, continuing what seemed to be an endless search for a rental.  We looked at a large blue house that had an awful layout and no closets.  We looked at a huge victorian-style home that we were thrilled about, but ended up being rented to someone else.  But then the guy who was managing that huge house said he had something else we could look at if we wanted.  So we looked at this smaller, brown, 3 bedroom house on a busy street in town.  It was okay, but it needed a few repairs for it to be acceptable to Sean and I, and for our family.  We told the manager we what we wanted done, and he assured us it would be done by November 1st.  While we were waiting for him, I had a housing wanted ad up on Craigslist, and I ended up getting a few replies toward the end of October.  Mostly people were asking way too much, but we did come across one that sounded perfect.  We went and looked at it, and it was a large house that had been converted from duplexes.  It had a weird layout, and a very low banister at the top of the stairs, but it was within our price range.  Most likely we would have been approved for the property, but we didn’t apply because we would have had to spend the extra money on supplying our own appliances, and we were pretty sure the brown house would be ready in time.

On Friday, October 31st the house was to be finished.  We had been given the go-ahead to tell our current landlords that we were moving out, but we both still had a weird feeling about it and hadn’t notified anyone.  We weren’t seeing work done from the outside of the house when we drove by, and since we’d been told no so many times, we were afraid we were being messed with.  On Thursday the 30th, work was started.  We were able to go in and look at the progress.  On Friday he let us copy the keys.  And finally on Monday November 3rd we were able to sign our lease, with huge progress made on the repairs.  YES!!!  We started moving on Tuesday with a moving truck and all, and we were all done moving in a little over a week.

20141117_074157In the meantime, while Sean and I knew we were getting close to finally having our family home together, while we knew we were only a couple steps away from having our dreams come true, we discussed the fact that the only reason we put off getting married was because we couldn’t live together.  So knowing we would be moving in together, we decided to take the plunge and say our “I Dos.”  On the night of October 31st, while the kids were away with their dad for the whole weekend, my sister officiated our vows.  We will have a ceremony for family and friends at a later date.

When the kids got home to the news of our marriage and our new home, they were excited too!

And now, today, we are mostly all settled into our new home.  Our marriage is filed and official, and we are a complete family!  It all happened.  🙂

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