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2015 Changes Announced!

I didn’t get much feedback, but here’s what I’ve decided about Ink & Earth:

– Old blog posts have been gone through and re-sorted.  Most of my personal posts have been password-protected so my dirty laundry isn’t aired all over a public space.  For those who are interested in reading the personal stuff, you can email me at hippiemom42@gmail.com for the password.

– All old tags and categories have been cleaned up and thinned down.  I renamed a few categories to less conventional names.  It was too boring, I wanted to spice it up.

– I will have a monthly Trending In My Life post, not only to share the things that are impacting my life the most, but also as sort of a time capsule to look back on a few years from now.

– I will work more on sharing Kids crafts, books, activities, etc for the parents out there that may need a few ideas to keep their kiddos entertained and busy.

– I will be finding and adding more yummy food recipes to share with everyone (with credit of their origin, of course).

– I will do my best to share more opinions on news articles that get my attention.  I have been keeping my silence about most of them this last few months, but I’ll speak up and take the chance of being controversial.

– I will post more meditations and rituals for those who are interested in the spiritual side of things.  Also a weekly tarot spotlight from LearnTarot.com.  And I’ll share other spiritual stories and finds.

Overall, the point is to be more active in 2015.  I just needed to put a list together for myself so I know what to do when I feel like I don’t have anything to blog about.  I want to keep Ink & Earth going and going for years to come.  I hope you all enjoy as much as I do!

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