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Trending In My Life – December 2014

This is a brand new idea I have for Ink & Earth.  I plan to post a monthly blog post about what has had my attention the most during the month in the categories of video games, TV shows, YouTubers, Music, and other miscellaneous interests and trends.  So here’s the first month:

terrariaGame: Terraria.  Terraria has had the attention of my husband, my kids, and myself for a few months now, but it has really come to a peak in December.  With all the holiday sales going on, we now own this game on every platform we have in our home.  My personal preference is to play on mobile.  It is an open-world 2D pixel game.  You get to create your own character, mine, fight enemies, build, and collect treasures.  It is very addictive, and is more demanding that the usual casual mobile game.  I personally can spend hours playing.  It is available for PC, mobile, Xbox, and PlayStation.

manhattanlovestoryTV Show: Manhattan Love Story.  Manhattan Love Story only aired 4 episodes on ABC before it was cancelled.  However, I personally thought it was adorable and witty.  It was the story of a young couple just starting a new relationship, and the internal monologue that goes on while getting to know one another.  The characters were well-developed and likable, the style was fun and bright, and the dialogue was intelligent.  I’m not really sure why this show was cancelled.  Perhaps it was too real for viewers.  But the entire first season can currently be watched on Hulu, and I highly recommend it.

1229904_1393922114168890_1227233038_nYouTuber: Daz Black / Daz Games.  I have been watching Daz since the summer, and I must say he is the one YouTuber whose videos I look forward to.  He started off doing vines and now he also does game lets-plays, posts some Q&As, and the occasional vlog.  He is a very real person who loves to get goofy on video.  His fans often send him requests to play through scary video games just to see his extreme reactions.  He makes me laugh every time I watch one of his videos.  He really brightens my days, and I recommend you check him out.

Music: Pandora.  I have been having some serious issues with music lately.  When I turned off my AT&T phone last month, my Pandora subscription expired because it could no longer be billed to my phone and I forgot to update my payment information.  Then this month it cancelled again for no apparent reason, even though all my payment information was current and correct.  The charge went up $1 with each of those accidental cancellations.  So now rather than paying $2.99/month, I am paying $4.99/month.  Its honestly not even worth it anymore, I don’t think.  All I ever hear is the same maybe 50-60 songs repeated over and over.  I have a wide listening variety, too.  It’s not like I only like 2-3 artists.  I like quite a few.  And the other issue I’m having with music lately – my latest complaint – is that our local rock radio station always play these artists: Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, AC/DC, and Metallica, with a few other 90s rock artists scattered in. And let me tell ya, I am TIRED of them.  Pink Floyd is great, just extremely overplayed here.  And Nirvana, oh my goodness I cannot turn on the radio for more than 15 minutes without hearing one of their songs.  And that leads me to my point: where are all the new artists and bands?  Where is all the new music?  I don’t know if its my geographic location, or if music has just died.   But there is no new rock music anymore, from what I can see.  All I’ve seen new is the crappy, repetitive pop tunes that are just noises and auto-tune. Does anyone know of any GOOD, new music I could find?  Nothing too heavy, but rock is preferred.

rescueInterest: Animal Rescue.  Since really getting into my job at the veterinary clinic, I have wanted to do more for animal rescue.  I want to promote and assist in any way that I can.  So here, I will take this opportunity to say: please donate to your local animal shelter.  Money is good, but items can be donated as well, such as blankets, pet food, pet toys, cleaning supplies, rags, trash bags, and so much more.  If you don’t know exactly what they accept for donations, call and ask.  Or if nothing else, donate your time as a volunteer.  You can help around the shelter, or just help socialize the animals by playing with them or taking them for walks around the outside property of the shelter.  And if you want to add a pet to your family, please consider adopting one from a shelter before you go to a breeder or look on Craigslist or in the newspaper.  To find your nearest shelter, click here.

So that’s what’s trending in my life right now.  Expect the next Trending In My Life post on January 28th, 2015.  Until then, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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