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Trending In My Life – March 2015

This month is a little different.  I really haven’t been listening to a lot of music, and I really haven’t been watching any YouTube, so those categories are not included this month.  However, I will spotlight what I have been doing.

Tearaway_mainGame: Tearaway.  Tearaway is a cutesy game on the PS Vita.  You play as a cardboard cutout that you can customize.  You walk through a world with your face as the sun, and everything is made from cut construction paper, including the characters.  The enemies are scraps, and you fight them by poking them with your “giant fingers” as the player.  Its cute, and my words can’t possibly describe it.  I recommend giving it a try.  It’s safe for all ages.

TV Show: The Walking Dead.  It’s over for the season now, but it was a GREAT finale.  And now there is a spinoff in production set to be released over the summer of 2015, titled Fear The Walking Dead.  If you don’t watch TV or have been living out in the middle of nowhere, The Walking Dead is a show set in a post-apocalyptic zombie scenario.  A virus has broken out and turned the majority of the population into flesh-hungry zombies.  The show is based on a graphic novel series, and airs on AMC.  The show’s 6th season will start in October.  The spinoff set to air this summer focuses on another group of people in a different part of the USA.  From what I can tell, it starts earlier than the original show, and explains the beginning of the virus.  I’m looking forward to seeing how they explain the whole situation.

17508_1621111591437191_405903922970114671_nInterest: Ducks.  This past week we got 2 ducks from the farm store.  They are Pekin ducklings.  Right now we are keeping them in a box with a window (sounds horrible, but its quite nice) in our livingroom.  I’ve been taking them outside to play on nice, warm days.  But mostly they stay in the house for now.  I plan to build them an enclosure outside within the next couple of weeks so they can start staying out in the yard safely.  I’ll post more about the ducks in a separate post.

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