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Ducks, Chickens, and Further Education

Nearly 2 weeks now we’ve had ducklings.  It all started when my mom spotted a couple of ducks in town while she was in a friend’s car.  She stopped to try to catch the ducks, but were lead by them to their home.  So she left them alone.  However, she knew I’ve always really liked ducks, so she offered to buy me a couple with some supplies to get started.  Since we have a large yard and plenty of room, I couldn’t resist the offer.  So I brought home 2 ducklings.  I was able to borrow a box built for snakes from work, which worked perfectly for the ducks when they were tiny.  They don’t fit now.  I am absolutely astounded by the rate of growth!  I think they have at least quadrupled in size since they came home.  Its unbelievable!  The kids adore them.  They are very messy and stinky, but their entertainment value makes it worth cleaning up after them.

Then a few days ago Evan and I were at the farm store and they had their chickens in.  Evan wanted to get a couple, and we had already discussed it at home.  So we bought a chicken coop and 2 baby chicks.  They are now using the snake box because they still need to keep warm.  And the ducks are out in the chicken coop during the day, and on our back porch in a large plastic tub during the night.  I’m hoping once the chickens are bigger they will be able to cohabitate with the ducks out in the chicken coop + fenced yard area outside the chicken coop.

Beyond 4 new birds in our household, I have also decided to make the commitment to start and finish a college degree.  I’ve been working at the vet clinic for going on 10 months now, and I absolutely love it.  I love how I learn something new almost every day, and that I get to work with animals.  So I decided to enroll in Penn Foster’s Veterinary Technology program.  Its all self-paced so there’s not so much pressure to get it done if I don’t have the time.  And I do believe my externships can be done where I work.  I’m not totally certain about that, but I’ll look into it when I get closer to that phase.  I’m very excited to further my education and improve my skills.

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