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If It Wasn’t For My Dad…

1209119_1408900915991594_479818809_nI’ve been thinking a lot lately about all of the experiences I’ve had in my life for which I can thank my dad.  He was only my mom’s roommate when I was born, but blessed us by taking on the role of my daddy.  Growing up, I spent every other weekend with him, time during summers, and was able to visit his parents who I grew to know and love as my grandparents.  He helped teach me about Christianity and the church community.  He took me on road trip vacations around the mid-west sites such as Mt. Rushmore, Meramac Caverns, The St. Louis Arch, The Badlands, Devil’s Tower, and so much more.  He encouraged my social relationships by allowing me to bring my friends along for my weekends with him, and by letting me throw birthday parties.  He taught me a strong work ethic by example, working at a steel plant for close to 30 years.  He taught me the value of money by making me work for the allowance and privileges he gave to me.  He taught me respect for my parents by example from the respect he has always shown his parents.  My life was truly enriched from having him in it.  I am so thankful and blessed.

Dad if you read this – I know we parted on bad terms, but not a day goes by that I don’t miss you.  I miss talking to you, I miss your hugs.  I miss your pushes in directions I wouldn’t normally go (even when it seemed like I didn’t like them).  I hate that you aren’t the presently the amazing grandpa my boys deserve.  I would love for them to experience your passion for baseball, or for them to attend church with you.  I want them to have your influence in their lives.  I want them to KNOW you.  And I’m lost without you.  I pray that some day you approach me so we don’t have to stay at odds.  I don’t feel like our difference in opinions should ruin a whole lifetime of memories, and of you being my dad.  I’m sorry that it has for you.  But I will always love you anyway, as I was raised to do.

What do you think?

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