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Kids’ 2015 Birthdays

20150502_12532120150502_123632Andy’s birthday was in May.  His party was held at Pizza Ranch (his favorite restaurant).  We had the lunch buffet, and then we had cupcakes.  People who attended Andy’s party were the 5 of us, my mom and Earl, Sean’s mom, Destiny, and Trenton.  It was a good party, Andy really enjoyed it.  Towards the end we did get into a little bit of a cupcake war, and ended up upsetting management a little bit.  But it wasn’t too bad.  Presents Andy received included Magic Cards, a Nintendo 2DS, cash, candy, and a few other things (sorry I can’t remember right now).

20150627_14363320150627_141855Evan’s birthday was in July. We had a small gathering at Panda Garden where we had lunch buffet.  Then moved it back home for Dairy Queen Blizzard Cake (didn’t want it melting in the car).  People who attended Evan’s party were the 5 of us, my mom, Sean’s mom, Destiny, and my friend Alicia, her husband, their daughter and one of her daughter’s friends.  It was a little short when we were out, but at home it went on a while longer.  Presents Evan received included several Bionicles, a Samsung Tablet, a foam sword, and cash.

20150808-120150808Cory’s birthday was today, August 8th.  We had a party at Maytag Park followed by swimming at Maytag pool.  People who attended were the 5 of us, my mom and Earl, Sean’s mom, Destiny, Mark and Ruby.  We all had cake and ice cream at the park where, of course, there was a cupcake and melted ice cream fight.  LOL.  My kids are crazy.  Presents Cory received included a remote control car, a necklace, a boombox, some stickers, cash, and a Samsung Tablet.

One thought on “Kids’ 2015 Birthdays

  1. Looks like everyone had a great time at their birthday parties!! Summer birthday parties are always kind of fun because there is so much you can do outside.


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