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The Sweetheart, Fiona

A few months ago I puppysat my cousin Chris’s dog, Odie.  He’s a rat terrier.  He was a sweet little guy, even though he wasn’t very happy when he was here.  He didn’t like going outside into our yard much, he didn’t like Penny at all, and he seemed pretty stressed out while he was here.  Regardless, it was awesome to see how much easier it was for the kids to take him for walks and play with him in the park, considering his smaller size.  So I got to thinking how great it would be for them to have that all the time.  Sean and I discussed it and decided to start looking for a small dog to adopt.

11781806_1657421707806179_5909634316440875567_nWe had a test-run with a dog from a friend.  A little pomeranian.  He was the sweetest little dog, but the cats went bezerk when he was in our house.  Seriously so bad they were screaming and messing themselves, and the poor dog really wasn’t even doing anything wrong or being aggressive at all.  This went on for about 3 days, and it was getting worse.  So unfortunately we had to give him back.

11695014_1653237571557926_3175668736668418201_nThen I was told by a friend that they knew someone who had puppies they wanted to find homes for.  I took my sister and went to check them out.  They were dachshund / maltese / yorkie mixes.  I stuck my hand into a plastic tub full of puppies and the only one to try to climb my hand was the one who came home with me.  We named her Fiona. She was an absolute joy!  Sean wasn’t the biggest fan of having a small dog, but he came around.  The boys loved her too.  Evan always wanted her to play rough with him, which wasn’t a good thing.  She was awfully growly and nibbly with him.  But she was pretty cuddly and sweet with me.

Anyway, we had her for about a month and then my mom really fell in love with her.  Mom had talked off and on about getting a dog for a while, and even considered looking into other puppies from Fiona’s litter.  But it was Fiona that really captured her heart.  She and I both considered that for a while, and I decided I could part with her for the sake of her and my mom.  I felt mom needed the companion since her husband is a truck driver, now that Destiny and I are both out of her house.  And I felt Fiona would learn faster and have a better chance at being a better dog all around if she had just one person to focus on instead of 5.

11813332_1662133604001656_7299383101307908814_nSince Fiona became my mom’s dog, she has improved greatly at housebreaking.  She has learned a command or 2 of basic obedience. She has gotten to get out and explore the town and the places my mom frequently visits.  She has even been registered as an emotional support dog, which gives her license to go into stores with mom if she chooses to take her along.  And mom seems to be quite a bit happier too.  She talks about Fiona all the time, and is just thrilled with her.  I was a little sad to see her go at first, but seeing the bond has make it all worth it.  I am so glad I could pair them up.  🙂

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