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This Will Offend You – But Keep It Private!

There is this huge movement going on right now.  It’s been brewing for a while, but now with a family member rushing into things head first and embracing many of the facets of it, it’s hard not to have some opinions brewing.  This movement is not just acceptance for race, or religion, or sexuality.  No, this movement is going so much further and deeper.  This is more about finding a label for every little feeling, fetish, and kink you could possibly imagine.  It’s one thing to be straight, or gay, or bisexual.  To dress for your gender type or to cross dress.  To fully commit to being the opposite gender than that you were born.  To each their own.

But then there are those who have to use those other labels: agender, pansexual, girls wanting to be boys who want to be girls, those who think they were born the wrong species, and so much more, so much deeper.  It’s about finding a niche for yourself, and then trying to out-weird one another.  And once you’ve gotten to your optimal comfort zone of weirdness, you take it a few steps further.  Then cry about the injustice of not being accepted by society, or of being ostracized by your family or friends, or by the other people around you.

0519efcbe613c82846167c9fd82d79a4dbc8e9-wmIn this whirlwind of labels and boxes and stereotypes and discrimination claims, I find myself asking “WHERE IS THE LINE DRAWN???”  When can you say that a person simply has a mental illness and leave it at that – treatment or not.  Furthermore, why does it have to be a public display??  I don’t go around saying “I’m a female, and I identify as a female, and I am into [this and that] sexually.”  Who the hell cares what I’m into sexually, besides my lover?  Why would I want all of that very personal, private information out there for the world to see and know?  It’s all just a public cry for attention.  Whether these people who make all of these claims about themselves are genuine or not, why is it necessary to put every little detail out there?  Why is it necessary to find validation for everything online, or amongst other people?

And though all of this irritates me so much, the advice that still rings true is BE YOURSELF!!!  And for crying out loud have some self-respect and keep private matters private.  No matter what you’re into, or what’s inside, just be you.  You don’t need to be validated by like-minded people.  You don’t need to cry and grab attention from the haters.  You don’t need to put a label on everything, or fit into anyone else’s box of characteristics.  Keep the sexual stuff to yourself, to discuss and enjoy with a lover of your choosing.  Just please, please, for the love of all that’s holy, keep it private!

What do you think?

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