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2016 Writing Goals

I have decided to participate in the Grimoire Challenge and The Pagan Experience to help with my writing this year, as well as rediscovering my spirituality.  I have gotten completely off track, and have been some of an atheist over the last year or so, not really knowing what I believe in, if anything.  Logically and psychologically I know that religion and spirituality are important for people.  It’s important for mental health, and it’s important for a sense of belonging.  That’s my point of view on it anyway.  I thought I was fine without honestly, until I started having more health issues recently.  And even though my health issues aren’t necessarily serious, it started me on the path of thinking about my own mortality.  And with a lack of belief in anything, I have started to feel more and more lost.  So this year I want to work on finding my path again.  I don’t know where it will take me, or if I’ll even consider myself Pagan anymore by the time I find it.  But I want to use this year and these “challenges” to help make myself whole again.

In my writing journey, I want to:

  • define my understanding of life
  • define my understanding of the afterlife
  • acknowledge a higher power
  • develop a plan of worship/prayer/spellwork/communication
  • define my morals and ethics
  • find a group of like-minded people to share experiences, wisdom and conversation with
  • continue to learn and grow through reading, conversations, writing, and mediation, documenting my progress along the way

I am not promising to write every day, or even every week.  With my busy schedule it can be challenging to stick to a schedule outside of work, kids and pets.  But I do want to post at least every 2 weeks (or at least 25 times) in 2016 on the topic of spirituality.

Here’s to a productive 2016!

What do you think?

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