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Hiding Something

Usually when I dream about something, I can figure out the meaning behind it, and I can figure out how it applies to my life and what I can do to improve the situation.  This one was deeply disturbing:

Sean, the kids and I are all at the house I’ve been working so hard at fixing up.  Only this time, it doesn’t seem so fixed.  The room I’m in is dirty like no one has been there for a while.  And the staircase to the basement that I had previously fixed up is in dirty shambles again, as it had been before any work had been done.  It used to be a dank and dusty old

Hallway closely resembling the one in my dream

basement, with relics from my grandparents’ past.  Old furniture, decorations, clothing, boxes of belongings, and even some angry ghosts of the past.  When work had been done to fix it all up, those things had been sorted and cleaned.  I kept what was still useful and set up the basement as a livable area.

But tonight it’s different.  All is the way it was before any renovations. And not only are there dirty walls and old items laying about, but when I look down the basement hallways to see the lack of progress, I saw an angry shadow skitter across the hall.  “Oh HELL no!” I yelled, and ran back to snuggle up under Sean’s arm.  Those shadows are haunting to

the core, and I want nothing to do with them.  I know the kids are asleep in an area that is equally unsafe, but they are asleep and unaware.  As uneasy as it makes me, I let them stay asleep.

The next thing I know I’m helping Sean hide a dead body.  We’ve been moving it around from place to place for a while.  I don’t know who it is, or why he’s dead, or why Sean is trying to hide it, but I help him.  I know that it’s been long enough now that if I were to report it, I would be in trouble for being an accomplice, though I had nothing to do with the circumstances of the death.  I don’t want any part in the situation, but it’s gone on too long to just walk away without repercussions.  It’s a very trapped and guilty feeling taking part in such activities, and I just want to escape.

I don’t know why my dreams are so dark and heavy lately.  It’s been a continuing situation every night since then, for about 4 nights in a row.  Maybe it’s just my cold virus and cold meds I’m taking that are affecting my dreams, or maybe it’s just the frustration of being stuck in the same routine day after day.  Hopefully our upcoming vacation will break up the dullness and bring some happiness back for us all.

**DISCLAIMER** Events in the dream are NOT real life events.

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