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Finding A Home

I just woke up from a dream set in a very realistic post-apocalyptic future. There was no electricity, and only dirty running water. Sean, the boys, Penny and I were trying to find our place, or what to do. We came across these people by accident that had quite a few baby cows. We were hiding in their barn when a guy came to check on them, and he didn’t sound very happy that there were signs of people having been there. But when he saw us, he ended up taking us back to his camp/home. They put Sean to work right away, so he was away and busy. I don’t know exactly what the boys were doing, but they had jobs. And then I informed them I wanted to work with animals, since that was my area of interest “before.” I was sent to do dishes and serve children food. Then a young, thin, attractive guy came up to me expressing interest. He was sitting close, and then grabbed my face with both hands and kissed me. No one seemed to pay attention at all even though we were in a room full of people, so I kissed him back. I assumed this was a move to populate our species again. I didn’t want to tell them I was unable to conceive, because I didn’t want to be deemed useless to the group. So I was considering hiding the information entirely. In the meantime I was continuing to be a housewife type. Penny was getting along with the other animals. But the entire place was dirty, like an old farmhouse with no way of cleaning it. Dirt floors or at least very dirty. Dirty furniture.  But somehow I felt safe, like everything was going to be okay.

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