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Days Five & Six

I know I said I wasn’t going to publish a blog about every day, but the whole point here is to document and share my experiences.  And well, things have happened and changed and I’d like to share.

Yesterday I was feeling pretty great, so Jake drove me around and we ran some errands together.  We took Evan to the doctor for what turned out to be seasonal allergies.  While I was there I weighed myself and I was down to 218 lbs!  I went over to Jake’s house to shower because I like his shower better than mine.  We went out to lunch.  And we picked up a couple things at WalMart since I had very few pieces of clothing that fit me.  Mostly, I was sitting for the errands, except for walking to and from our destinations from the car, and walking in WalMart a little bit.  I did okay, but was tired when we got back home.  So I relaxed for a while.  Then it all hit me!  The right half of my incision started hurting really bad, and the left side around my ribs started hurting really bad.  It became hard to walk or move at all.  I figured maybe it was because I had tried to back off of the pain meds a bit, so I bumped them back up.  But it didn’t help much.  I’ve come to the conclusion that between the surgical nerve block wearing off, and all the activity yesterday, I just overdid it.  So today, I’m back to hanging out in my recliner and minimizing activity again.

Post-Op Day 5

Also last night I opened my binder while I was relaxing, laying on my bed.  I wanted to put some pads/bandages under the binder because it felt like it was rubbing wrong in a few places.  And I noticed that my belly button doesn’t look quite right.  Not only do I think its off-center, but it seems to be too moist and almost looks like its trying to be infected even though I’m on antibiotics.  I called the surgical clinic about it but was only allowed to leave a message.  When they called back, they told me I can give it air a couple times a day, and to keep it as dry as possible with a bandaid or gauze while I have the binder on, and that if it starts looking worse, come in to see them.


Another thing probly no one wants to hear about, but those of you who are going to have this surgery done may need to read about anyway… is poop.  I have not had a bowel movement since the morning of surgery.  I have been taking stool softeners all along, and I have been eating normally.  But I still haven’t gone.  I think if I still haven’t gone by tomorrow (day 7), I will be taking some Castor Oil to get things moving.   I weighed in at 215 lbs this morning, so I imagine once I get things moving inside I’ll be down a few more pounds.  My biggest goal right now is to heal obviously, but to get below 200 lbs.  And I’m well on my way!!

So yesterday I learned I need to quit trying to push myself so hard, and do my best to just relax and recover.  Let other people take care of me like they are here for, and give my body the break it deserves.  Its been hard to slow down so much because ever since we moved to Otley toward the end of November, every single day has been busy running and running.  And then the rush to move back to Newton and get settled quick before this surgery.  And now that we’re moved, settled, and the surgery is done, I just need to RELAX.  I need to keep telling myself that.  Recovery is my #1 priority now.  And my body definitely reminded me of that yesterday.

I’m wearing size 12/14 shorts!

One last thing that I’m very excited about – when I bought clothes yesterday I decided I didn’t want any jeans or anything too restrictive yet for at least a couple more weeks.  But the pajama pants and shorts I purchased were a size 12/14!!!  Before my surgery I was a size 18, and before weight loss I was a size 24.  This is the smallest I’ve been since high school.  Its so exciting!  And that’s even over all the swelling, padding, and binder.  😀

One thought on “Days Five & Six

  1. I knew you'd have to come back and share your adventures with us! 🙂

    Definitely slow down a little bit. You'll slow down the healing if you try to go to fast. Let them to a *little* something for you!


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