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Shopping and Sleeping

On Friday I spent most of my day out with Jake.  We went to eat, and shopped at Wal-Mart a bit so I could find 1 pair of pants to wear in public.  I hate wearing pajamas and sweats at the store.  I found a pair of size 14 jeans that are like an inch away from buttoning, but I bought them anyway because I figure within a couple weeks I will have this binder off and I will be able to button them just fine.  There’s no sense in buying 1 size up when I won’t be able to even wear them for a month.  The day exhausted me and made me really sore.

I slept almost all day the following day (yesterday).  I got out of bed at noon, but slept in my recliner off and on all day.  My body was telling me I had done too much.  I was in a fair amount of pain too, but I am refusing the prescription pain meds right now because I want to be able to go without.

Then today I got up at noon again and have stayed awake.  I went over to Jake’s to shower since his is easier to use than mine, we went out to grab some lunch and browsed Goodwill before we came back home.  Its awesome to be able to shop in a completely different section of clothes.  There are so many nicer things, even at a thrift shop in “normal” sized clothes than there are in plus-sized clothes.

I’m not too exhausted today from being out.  I didn’t overdo it this time.  I’ll likely still need a nap, but I’m feeling better today, just like every day.

Oh, and when I took a shower today, I had Jake take pics of my healing progress.  While I’m still not ready to share those publicly yet, I must say there is a lot of progress between 4 days post-op and today, 10 days post-op.  I’m looking a little less like a patchwork person and a little more normal.  I can tell I will look pretty damn good when this is all done.  And then I’ll be exercising when I’m allowed, and making myself look even better.  So exciting!

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